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BK7 Glass

A borosilicate crown glass that is relatively hard, does not scratch easily, and performs well in chemical tests. It also has excellent transmittance, as low as 350 nm.

Index of Refraction (@587.6nm) 1.51680
Abbe Factor (vd) 64.20
Density (gm/cm3) 2.52g/cm3
-30 to +70 (per C) 7.1 10-6
+20 to +300 (per C) 8.3 10-6
Transformation Temperature (C) 557
Young Modulus (dynes/mm2) 8.20 109
Climate Resistance: 2
Stain Resistance: 0
Acid Resistance: 1.0
Alkali Resistance: 2.0
Phosphate Resistance: 2.3
Knoop Hardness 610
Poissons Ratio 0.206
Dimension mm 1000mm

transmission spectrum

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