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CaF2 Crystal

CaF2 Crystal is an excellent materials in laser optics field. It has very wide transmission range from 130nm to 9500 nm, especially, has the high transmission in IR range. It is used in Lenses, Prisms, Windows and high quality of Achromatic Lenses.
Basic Properties:
Formula CaF2
Transmission range, m 0.15 C 9.0
Density (g/cm3) 3.18
Melting point (C) 1418
Hardness (Mohs) 4
Thermal expansion coefficient (10-6/K) 16.2-19.4
Thermal conductivity (W m-1 K-1)  9.17
Specific heat capacity (J kg-1 K-1)  888
Solubility in water (g/100 cm3)  0.0016
Wavelength (m) 
0.2 0.5 1.0
5.0 10.0 12.0
Refractive index
1.4951 1.4365 1.4289
1.3990 1.3002 1.2299
Absorption coefficient (cm-1)   0.10 at 0.2 m;0.01 at 0.4 m;0.03 at 2.7 m
Dimension(mm)   <=200mm

IR transmission spectrum

UV transmission spectrum

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