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F2 has superior chemical resistance, when compared to other optical glasses, with better transmission than SF11 or LaSFN9, but less than BK7. It is a flint glass, and is used in Melles Griot Lenses as a second glass in achromatic Lenses.

Basic Properties

Index of Refraction (@ 587.6 nm): 1.62004
Abb Factor (vd): 36.37
Density (gm/cm3): 3.61
-30 to +70 (per C): 8.2 10-6
+20 to +300 (per C): 9.2 10-6
Transformation Temperature (C): 438
Young's Modulus (dynes/mm2): 5.70 109
Climate Resistance: 1
Stain Resistance: 0
Acid Resistance: 1.0
Alkali Resistance: 2.3
Phosphate Resistance: 1.3
Knoop Hardness: 420
Poisson's Ratio: 0.220

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