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Germanium Crystal

Germanium Crystal, Conductive models is N or P model, N models Resistivity is 0.25-50 .cm, P models Resistivity is 0.8-40 .cm . Mainly are used in semiconductor etc IR optics.

Basic Properties

Basic Properties  Germanium Crystal
Transmission band (um) 1.8-2.3 m 
Uniformity index 4.8910-5 (250mm)
Refractive index10um 4.0032
Temperature coefficient of the
Refractive index (10-6/)
Absorption (10 um. .cm-1) 0.03
Hardness(kg/cm2) 800
Density(g/cm3) 5.323
Rupture Modulus (Mpa) 75
Yangs modulus (Gpa) 103
Poissons ratio 0.28
Melting point()  937
Thermal expansion coefficient (X10-6C-1) 6.1
Thermal conductivity (Wcm-1k-1)  0.7
Specific Heat (Cal/g.k.)  0.074
Permittivity 16
Conductive models N ,P
Resistivity (cm) 5-40
dimension(mm) 250mm

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