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Silicon (Si) is grown by CzocHRlski pulling techniques (CZ) and contains some that causes an absorption band at 9 microns. To avoid this, materials can be prepared by Float-Zone (FZ) process.Optical silicon is generally lightly doped (5-40 ohm cm) for best transmission above 10 microns, and doping is usaully boron (p-type) and phosphorus (n-type). After doping silicon has a further pass band: 30 to 100 microns which is effective only in very high resistivity uncompensated materials.

CZ Silicon is commonly used as substrate materials for infrared reflectors and windows in the 1.5-8 micron region. The strong absorption band at 9 microns makes it unsuitable for Co2 laser transmission applications, but it is frequently used for laser mirrors because of its high thermal conductivity and low density. Application as window, Lenses in the 1.5-8 ¦Ìm region; Mirror for Co2 laser and spectrometer applications.

Si Optical grade

CZ, P type doped with Boron, <111> or <100>, Resistivity 5-40 ohm cm FZ, N type doped with phosphorus, <111>, Resistivity > 50, preferably > 500 ohm cm, the absorption at 9 microns is absent.

Physical properties£º

Density 2.33g/cm3
Hardness, Mohs  7
 Dielectric Constant for 9.37 x 109Hz  13
Melting point, ¡ãC  1414 ¡ãC
Thermal Conductivity, W/m¡¤K at 313 K 163
Thermal Expansion£¬1/K at 293 K 2.6x10-6
Specific Heat Capacity, J(kg¡¤¡ãC)  712.8
Bandgap, eV  1.1
Knoop Hardness, kg/mm2  1100
Young¡¯s Modulus, Gpa 130.91
Shear Modulus, Gpa 79.92
Bulk Modulus, Gpa 101.97
Debye Temperature, K 640
Poisson¡¯s Ratio 0.28
Dimension£¨(mm) <=300mm

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